The Driving Experience and Cruise In

The Driving Experience puts drivers behind the wheel of cool classic cars, where they will learn to drive a manual transmission. The cruise in car show takes place at the same time, and gives owners the opportunity to put their classic car on display for all to see! Come to learn standard in a classic, show off your car, or help volunteer the day of the event!


Main Attractions

Learn Standard

Participants at the driving experience will have the chance to learn how to drive standard in one of the many classic British cars that are at the event

Car Show

Bring your car out for the cruise in car show! Anyone is welcome to attend, admission is free. Bring your car out for people to admire and help get potential new members of the car community interested in the hobby!


Food is available on-site at the Caledonia Fair Grounds! For those participating in the driving program, lunch is included with your registration

  • Driving Experience

    Caledonia Fairgrounds - 151 Caithness St. E. Caledonia, Ontario. N3W 1C2

    Saturday, August 25th, 2018 from 9am to 4pm

  • Cruise in Car Show

    Caledonia Fairgrounds - 151 Caithness St. E. Caledonia, Ontario. N3W 1C2

    Saturday, August 25th, 2018 from 10am to 3pm

  • Cruise-In Coordinator

    Organize Cruise-in Promotion. Co-ordinates on the day of the event for draws and door prizes. Sets the number of volunteers needed for the Cruise-In portion of the event.

    Traffic Co-ordinator

    Maintains traffic control of cars moving in and out of the Fairgrounds, and directs them to the appropriate areas. Will determine how many volunteers needed to assist with this and is the Lead during the event.


    Maintain car spacing on the track for the Driving Experience and watch for pedestrian crossing and saftey issues. At least 10 people needed for this position!

  • Club Promoter

    Are you a member of the BSCCH? We need you to help man the club booth to promote the club!

    General Volunteers

    Available to help on a shift basis as set by the Volunteer Co-ordinator. 30 people needed for this position!

    Instructors and their Cars

    At least 15 cars are needed so cars can be used in shifts during the day.


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151 Caithness St. E , Caledonia